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Czech Republic

 Czech Republic

There are two "Golden Ages" of Czech Republic history and the rule of Charles IV who first founded Prague's St Vitus Cathedral and then there is the reign of Rudolf II who made Prague the capital of the Habsburg Empire. After the fall of the Habsburg Empire in 1918, Czechoslovakia was created and was taken over by the Nazis in 1938 which then fell into a communist coup in 1948. In 1989 the Velvet Revolution happened which is known as the bloodless overthrow of the communist regime and that was eventually followed by the Velvet Divorce in 1993. Also in 1993 Czechoslovakia split up into Czech and Slovak Republics. Most events that have happened in Czech history have impacted all throughout Europe.

A lot of people who visit Czech Republic love the exciting history even though its only been a country since 1993 technically. The past really does come alive here. The castles and chateaux are illuminating with the stories of the powerful families and people who resided in them. Visitors can unfold the history of Bohemia and Moravia which are the two islands that are ancient and now they make up for the modern Czech Republic as well as the history for Europe. When visitors are finished with the history part of Czech they can simply return to Prague which is filled with the world's most beautiful buildings and is the most cultured cities. Prague also has some of the most exciting and dynamic music in Czech along with some of the best beer in the country. Some of the best brewery's in town are Plzen and Ceske Budejovice.   

The scenery in Czech is breathtaking and very laid back in Cesky Krumlov and Telc. Everywhere in Czech has people who are very proud of their heritage and will not be afraid to show it. They are also taking proudly taking their place in modern, united Europe. For most visitors the popular time to visit Czech is in May or September due to the weather being mild and its not as crowded. The museums, galleries, castles, and things like that are only open during the high season which is May to September. During the winter months everything will be covered by a blanket of snow and camping grounds are closed. The summer months are June to August and the weather is are warm with heavy rainfalls.

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Petrin Garden in Czech Republic

Attractions in Czech Republic

    Old Town Square is the oldest and most significant square in the history Prague that dates all the back to the 12th century. The Old Town Square was originally a market place where merchants came together from all over the world. This attraction has been in the middle of many events of historical importance which include the execution of 27 Bohemian squires in the year of 1621 as well as the installation of the new city council during 1784. Also in 1945, it was the epicenter of the Prague Uprising in the month of May. There is a monument as well that stands in the middle of the square and it surrounded by a baroque mantle of the finest buildings in the city. The square is now close to traffic and is mainly used for the setting of outdoor restaurants, bars, cafes and stalls that sell traditional Czech arts and crafts.

Petrin Gardens is a popular attraction in Czech Republic. Visitors just take a cable car ride from the streets level all the way to the top. Once they are at the top guests can go to the Observation Tower that was built in 1891 which models the Eiffel Tower. Also in the park are two formal gardens and an observatory. On the street level of the gardens is a Rose Garden that is planted around a children's maze. There is a lush garden that lies just through a gate in an ancient wall called the Hunger Wall, this garden is quiet and has a small waterfall and pond within it. It also includes many different types of flowers. This garden is known for being one of the most idyllic spots in the city.

The Museum of Antonin Dvorak is linked with the Czech Museum of Music which is also linked with the complex of the National Museum. The Museum of Antonin Dvorak was first established in 1932 and ever since then it has had a seat in the baroque pleasure house that was built during the 18th century and was built by architect Kilian Ignac Dienzenhofer. The museum holds many thing featuring the composer Antonin Dvorak such as music autographs, correspondence, written material, pieces of art, photographs, posters, personal objects, and much more. The most significant thing the museum treasures is the unique collection of manuscripts of sheet music along with a lot of the composer's library sheet music and so much more.

The Czech Police Museum is located in Prague and held in a building of historical significance. This museum focuses on the history of the local police. There are exhibits that focus on criminology as well as the history of Czech police forces. There is also an exhibit on previous infamous crimes. The displays in this museum are not for soft hearted people, they do contain grisly photographs. One of the photographs that is of a sliced off head sitting in a suitcase. Visitors can check to see if their money is counterfeit with a special machine that is at the museum as well. Inside the museum there is also a model of an old fashion police station. There is an arsenal for the gun lovers which has everything from handguns to the guns that fire poison pellets and grenades.   

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The Prague Castle in Czech Republic

Things to do and see in Czech Republic

The Prague Castle also known as Prazsky hrad to the people of Czech. This castle is located at the summit hill which overlooks Vitava River as well as the city of Prague. The style of the castle is Bohemian Baroque and it has been the seat of the former rulers, the Holy Roman Emperors and the Kings of Czechoslovakia. Today the castle serves at the home to the office and residence of the president of the Czech Republic. The Prague Castle also has custody of the Czech Crown Jewels. This castle dates back all the way to the 9th century as one of the largest ancient medieval castles in the world. The length of the castle is at about 600 meters and about 140 meters wide.

The National Museum is located in the heart of Prague at the end of Wenceslas Square. It is a very popular attraction for tourist. It was first founded in the 19th century by a person named Kaspar Maria Sternberg. The exhibits in the museum range from natural history, scientific, archeological, art, music, sports, and many historical collections. There are about 14 million objects and artifacts that are on display in the museum. They are all divided into separate departments. Some of the individual departments consist of the Prehistory, the Classical Archeology, the Ethnography, the Theater and the Numismatics. This museum is considered a must see attraction in the city.

The Astronomical Clock is in the city of Prague and is a very unique attraction. The clock is on the wall of the Old Town Hall right in the heart of the Old Town of Prague. This is no ordinary clock, it has special mechanisms that display the position of the moon and the sun. This clock is one of the oldest clocks in the world. It is one of the most visited attractions for tourist as well as the most celebrated clock in the city. This medieval clock dates back to the 15th century and has three main components which include the mechanical clock, the calendar and the astronomical dials. There is a little door that opens at the hourly intervals that show the Twelve Apostles and the tourists are able to watch that happen. Under the clock are the twelve medallions with zodiac signs on them. This clock is always surrounded with locals and tourists.   

The Municipal House is located at Republik Square which is very close to the Old Town Square. This attraction is said to be the most prominent and amazing art nouveau building in Prague. This house was built in the beginning of the 20th century and opened in 1912. This building was constructed by Osvald Polivka and Professor Antonin Balsanek. The house holds two elegant restaurants, a gallery, a cafe, and an impressive concert hall that is called Smetana Concert Hall. This is one of the more popular attractions for the tourists and is also considered a landmark of the Czech Republic. The building style is very impressive with gold trimmings, stained glass windows, stone works and beautiful frescoes on top of the main entrance.